1 Data information

Pan-European coastline-migration map at zoomable scale. The map is collated and harmonized from field-monitoring data and aerial photography provided by partners of EMODnet Geology. Where no such coastline-migration data were available, information from the EUROSION project is provided. For remaining gaps, please consult the coastline-migration map based on satellite data. The main attributes denote degree of landward (by erosion or submergence) or seaward (by accretion or emergence) change. In the visualization provided, three classes are distinguished: landward migration, stable coastline, seaward migration. The criterion for stable coastlines is 0.5 meter net change per year over a 10-year period. The current version was finalized in January 2021.

1.1 Metadata

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2 Geographical extent

2.1 Coordinates

## [1] "West-Longitude: -0.52"
## [1] "South-Latitude: 38.74"
## [1] "East-Longitude: 0.28"
## [1] "North-Latitude: 40.24"

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2.2 Defined area